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to alkaline lifestyle

More and more people yearn for the counterpoint of our hectic everyday life and declare personal responsibility to be their active lifestyle. A positive attitude towards life, a balanced diet, time for oneself, rest in oneself, love for oneself and fellow human beings are the determining values.

To be in balance means to be centered, to be in the middle, to sniff out new and unfamiliar, to perceive intensively, to enjoy with all senses and to shape life carefully.

Michael Droste-Laux combines a detoxconcept with a certified basic natural cosmetics and thus offers a homogeneous alternative based on current medical and naturopathic basic research. With this unique combination, it occupies a special position both within conventional cosmetics and in the environment of natural cosmetics.

Following Kurt Tucholsky ’Everything is right, even the opposite' we turn previous and widespread theses about ’right' body care upside down. We want to make a valuable contribution to the benefit of all stakeholders and users.

We invite you to convince yourself and welcome you to a new phase of your life!

Our products

Deacidification tea with 7 blooms

Deacidification tea with 7 blooms 100g

Deacidification tea with 7 blooms 200g

Alkaline Tea with 49 Herbs

Alkaline Tea with 49 Herbs


Alkaline breakfast

Alkaline-vital-granulate 160g

Alkaline-vital-granulate 330g

Alkaline mixed herbs

Alkaline Gemstone Bath 300g

Alkaline Gemstone Bath 900g

Alkaline Gemstone Bath 1600g

Alkaline gem-stone soap with pine oil 20g

Alkaline gem-stone soap with pine oil 135g

Alkaline sports deacid bath

Muscle relaxations Oil

Massage oil

Akaline face wash

Alkaline Face Cream

Alkaline Face Mask

Alkaline Shower Cream

Alkaline Bodypeeling

Alkakine Bodylotion

Alkaline Deodorant Cream

Alkaline Hand Cream

Alkaline mouth oil

Alkaline Toothpaste